About us

Hi there, my name is Chloe, I’m 28 and run Wobbly bobbly pots from my home in Leicestershire, uk. I’m a coffee enthusiast, fine art graduate and all round odd ball. Here you can see me with the first wobbly guy ever made and with how they look now. I started the business in November 2020 when I was on furlough. I’ve always loved making so ordered myself some clay to keep me entertained. To my amazement people showed interest in my clay makes and here we are 9 months later with 10k Instagram followers and my own website! Crazy huh!  All pots are made of air dry clay, painted and glossed to make them water resistant. I can’t thank anyone enough for all the love, likes, follows and orders you guys mean I get to live my dream! I hope you find a nervous friend that puts a smile on your face. Stay wobbly, Chloe x